Rangloom Indieecrafts is all about vibrancy and fun for all ages! Bright
colours, cool styles, imaginative designs and amazing utility are what
define our products.

Be it our totes or sling bags or files—and accessories we introduce in the
future—you’ll stand out with our distinctive yet friendly designs, united
with practical details for everyday use!

Our founder Pooja Deshpande is an experienced and able design head
with a passion for translating creative concepts into dazzling styles. Her
eye for harmonious design combined with her love for the dazzling
textiles, handlooms and traditional Indian arts is reflected in her
contemporary take on elegant and lively bags—slings and totes—files and
perhaps some new offerings in the near future.

What Rangloom Indiee Crafts is invested in is preserving Indian culture and heritage with a modern twist—thus its interesting name!
Pooja’s attentiveness is all too evident in the attractive detailing on her bags and files, the handy touches such as pockets and the practicality of strong international zippers that gives her products a sturdy robustness that is belied by their delicate and whimsical appearance. Vivid surface ornamentation completes the picture, and the embellishment techniques employed by the craftsmen add an extra flair. Rangloom products are for bold, sassy women across age groups. Positivity grounds the shapes and colours into a quiet sense of confidence that then becomes the hallmark of every Rangloom customer. Handlooms coupled with an ultra-modern fashionable ethos makes for quirky, exciting creations that you’d be delighted to wear on your person or carry in your hand. Get your Rangloom today!

Our Vision

Giving a contemporary voice to diverse Indian craft traditions—that defines Rangloom!

Our karigars or artisans whose crafts we tap into bring their own traditions and narratives from different parts of India into our surface ornamentation techniques. Handcrafted design with a modern twist is the essence of Rangloom’s vision.

Our Mission

Rangloom is defined by the singular mission of making your inner being shine!

Our products focus on the transformative power of innovative design to uplift your vibe. Comfort and utility add value to our inventive offerings.  Every few months, we expand our product range to provide well thought out and ingenious handcrafted accessories to enhance your ease and natural beauty.